Friday, April 20, 2007

psychedelic trash talk

"Blogocombat tip 1: use psychedelic trash talk to force the troll to take the bait of an easy bite, then issue an oblique arrowing at heart o" was the Twitter message ("tweet"), but what does it mean?

It's the esoteric practice of octaved obfuscation mixed with objurgatory pseud/o/blations.

The point is to capture an upstaging of lucid gloaming so that the opponent is tempted to attack some "silly", "meaningless", "intoxicated", or "mystified" fragment, thinking he's really accomplishing something, but actually he falls into the trap of quoting funny obscurantisms that you manipulate via his helpless descent into your syntax vortex.

By "pseud/o/blations" I mean false praise that is slightly garbled or garbaged with semantic confusions, hinting to the clued-in that you mean the opposite, and are hyperbolically in orbit around his vainglorious tomfoolery.

The gist of it is to skirt around the heavy objects of their refusals and refueling. Hey, it's just that and no more. Substantive, pluperfect, always reigning in the radiances, this coptic colporteur is the tea of tasted treffids.

They may call it cyber-punk hippie-speak,

or cluetrain gusto triumphalism,

or event tuna barf jumping,

but I prefer to think of it as Home Sweet Homme.

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