Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Super Blogger semi secret channeling

One big reason to join the emerging blog-related social media technology communities of Blogosphere 4.0?

It helps old, half-forgotten peers and fans

Rediscover You [and vice versa.]

It's what I decided to call ...

New Super Blogger
Semi Secret Channeling

You join Twitter, for example, and then invite basically 3/4 of your email address book, not work associates, but family, friends, colleagues, other bloggers, media people, fans, disciples, and even a few foes.

Suddenly, you have a legit reason to be in contact with this list of email correspondents of the present and past. They may join the Twitter family, this Special Channel with Secret Sauce, and they may also visit your other web presences, your blog and wiki and web site.

So, the mere fact of joining a New Super Blogger online community, it propels you through new interfaces, into a niche realm, a sub-sector, a magical wonderland of likeminded pioneers.

Check out the Newbie's Guide to Twitter to learn more about the Twitter Community.

Secrets are shared. Breaking Edge Innovations.

Controversies are stirred.

I'm about to jump into one, with some mild, but clever, blogocombat.

"Leo Lapport is wrong: Twitter vs. Jaiku".

Coming to a browser near you...soon. Today. As I listen to SUN RA "Heliocentric Worlds, Vol. 1" (ESP CD 1014, April 1965, NYC).

Stay tuned.

You're going to love this.

BTW, join me in Twitter.

Some of you, I never had your email address, others, I lost it.

News & Seduction, that includes you, my friend in Katmandu, Nepal.

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