Friday, April 27, 2007

blogocombat against trolls

A troll is a malicious online predator.

Wikipedia definition of "internet troll":

The troll mentality: "Look at me everybody! I try to anger people who are more successful than me!"

Trolling is the act of hounding and verbally attacking a blogger, twitterer, forum member, or other social media participant. If you have a blog, chat channel, wiki, or Twitter account, you could be trolled. Trolls also use email, VoIP, and any web platform that enables users to post comments or submit messages.

This blog is a troll free zone. What I mean is Vaspers never trolls anyone, will not allow comment posters to hurtfully troll other comment posters, and will not play the sick game of entering into debates with a troll.

You're much better off ignoring and not replying to a troll. Never let a lowly troll "push your buttons" and make you angry or sad. Just laugh, hold your head up higher, and march to the beat of your different drummer. Loud and proud, knowing you're in The Light!

If you attempt to argue with a troll, or defend yourself, you'll quickly find yourself bogged down in endless combat, which may get ugly and sadistic on the part of the troll.

Trolls often using trolling to promote a book, like the silly garbage entitled "The Cult of the Amateur". Trolls generally have nothing to offer the world but venom, vulgar words, name-calling, and filthy accusations.

Trolls love to call people drunk, high, gay, ugly, poor, or worse.

One way to retaliate is to never mention their name, blog URL, or ideas. Another form of combat against a troll is to publicly deconstruct the concept of "trolling", in the same Twitter, chat, blog, or other online forum in which the troll is attacking you or others.

Just keep revealing aspects of trolling that the troll is manifesting. That way, people can read the troll attack, then your dismantling, side by side. A subtle way to expose and devalue the troll.

To hurt a troll mentally, just keep saying things they will disagree with, but never directly to the troll. Then, say things in a poetic, mysterious manner, ala Psychedelic Trash Talk, to irritate the troll.

Having no artistic sensibilities, trolls will pounce on a "strange" or "difficult" thing you said, when all you did was speak esoterically to your inner circle (like my New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network--see? even that name is troll bait: deliberately designed to piss off trolls!)

Troll baiting is a whole subject in itself, which your pal Vaspers will explain later.

Stay tuned honorable Vaspersians!


carrie said...

what to do when a troll calls YOU the troll? then it's like: who is the troll?

Butchieboy said...

Has she been bothering you, too?