Tuesday, April 17, 2007

4 lies about Virginia Tech massacre

LIE #1: "It's incomprehensible."

TRUTH: It's easy to see how a person could be inspired to use violence and murder as a solution to depression, betrayal, or abuse. Movies, rap music, books, TV shows, and video games glorify guns, war, brutality, retaliation, and power .

Many movies share a single plot: Guy gets offended. Guy gets gun. Guy kills enemies.

Again, it's a male patriarchal domination system in effect. Rape and murder? Mostly men.

America hypocritically "grieves", then watches more slasher films. Amerikkka loves blood, pain, and gore.

Just ask Mel Gibson, if you don't believe me.

LIE #2: "It can't happen here."

TRUTH: The sleepy little idyllic communities are perfect settings for massacres. Why? Because the drowsy complacency and lax security enables criminals to accomplish more.

LIE #3: "The university authorities and security personnel did the best they could."

TRUTH: Many nonsensical decisions were made, and careless assumptions held sway. Warnings were delayed, precautions failed to be taken.

LIE #4: "The students were helpless victims."

TRUTH: The gunman had to stop and reload. Students watched in stunned paralysis as he removed the empty clip and replaced it with a full one. This was one opportunity for reprisal and offense. But there is no report of any student or teacher attempting to combat the gunman.

There are many things one can use as a weapon, even a chair.

To think of students and teachers frozen in fear. leaping out windows, running scared is very sad and troubling.

I think we all need to get better at reacting faster, and more effectively, to all forms of attack: physical, professional, spiritual, economic, psychological, emotional, and social. Everything is conflict, struggle, defeat, and triumph.

For the families of the slain, we must do more than pray, express sympathy, and mourn.

The stupid MSM fluttering about with their "Why?"s and "Wherefore"s make me sick.

We must force our schools to be safer.

We must force responsible authorities to resign when they screw things up this badly.

We must teach our children how to deal decisively with bullies, stalkers, con artists, child molesters, kidnappers, and crazed gunmen.


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i think we should all speak up \ don't be afraid to say, "hey dude, you are scaring me. get help?"