Sunday, April 08, 2007

3 super powers of New Super Bloggers

As I pioneer the advent of the New Super Blogger for upcoming Blogosphere 4.0, the multi-interactive, super-communication hyper-community, I now test Yahoo Pipes.

ZDNet photo galleried guide to Yahoo pipes.

New Super Bloggers
operate three spectacular super powers. They are instant experts and veteran practitioners of emerging social networking / idea dissemination technology:

(1) Blog (recommend: Blogger)

Social Network IM (recommend: Twitter)

Vaspers on Twitter

(3) RSS mashups (???Yahoo Pipes???)

Platform #1
, your blog:

...whereby you publish content to the web universal.

Plaftorm #2, your social network Instant Messaging:

...whereby you whisper-transmit your esoteric teachings in pithy, proverbial, pragmatics, in 140 character limit micro-journaling, with links to useful, interesting, helpful sites. Your "inner circle" aficiando cabal.

Platform #3, your RSS mashup:

...whereby you obtain highly customized, late breaking information, making you a breaking edge expert.

1 comment:

engtech said...

Yahoo's pipe is a good intermediary for swishing around RSS, but it's still missing a web scraper app and some sort of publishing API (for sites that can't publish feeds directly).

I've been using Dapper for scraping, but I still feel that writing my own script would have been a more effective use of my time.