Sunday, March 18, 2007

self and other in blogging

What separates self from other in blogging? If you know exactly who you are, you won't care what others say about you.

"The stranger is infinitely other because by his essence no enrichment of his profile can give me the subjective face of his experience from his perspective, such as he has lived it. Never will this experience be given to me originally, like everything that is...proper to me." -- Jacques Derrida, Violence and Metaphysics, Writing and Difference (University of Chicago Press, 1978), p. 124.

"What other means is phenomenality as disappearance.", ibid, p. 129.

"The ego cannot not be itself even when it ventures out toward the other, nor could it venture forth with this impossibility, which thus 'marks the innate tragedy of the ego, the fact that it is riveted to its own being' (EE), according to Levinas's strong statement. And above all, marks the fact that the ego knows this. This knowledge is the first discourse and first word of eschatology; it is that which permits separation and speaking to the other. It is not a knowledge among others, but is knowledge itself." -- ibid, p. 131.

"...without this 'letting be' of an existent (Other) as something existing outside me in the essence of what it is (first in its alterity), no ethics would be possible". -- ibid, p. 138.

The secret to increasing your invulnerability is to see the text only, without regarding any "person" authoring, dictating, or transcribing it. You see words alone. You respond with words alone. No emotion. No vengeance. No offense and no defense. Just context-relevant contributions.

Remove the "my" from "my opinion" and what do you have? Now you're ready to do battle. Let the attacks serve merely to help you refine your presentation of the truth as you've experienced it.

Self is completely unconnected to the other, especially when they're flaming you. Their hateful words simply appear on a page. End of story. You're not obligated to make those critical harshings a part of your psyche. You may disallow them entrance to your reveries.

If you respond as a human, one person to another person, you're bound to get hurt or inflict pain on someone else. If you just place a string of words into a thread, letting the ideas combat each other via textual dynamics, nobody gets injured.

Self is not in text. Self must be removed from the scene, even as other floats upward and out of view.

As I type these words, there is a maniac teenager yelling at the back door of the house across from my attic office. He's waving a huge black handgun in the air, shouting something about "...and I'm serious!"

He was banging on some rubber garbage cans for about an hour prior to running around with the pistol. I attempt to capture his photo with my web cam, cursing its lousy resolution at a distance. I should call the cops, but I think I'll wait and see.