Saturday, March 17, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith and morbid stream media

Like most Americans, I have a deep distrust of the MSM. While there are some channels and news anchors that I admire, most of it is pure garbage, lies, and slop. The scum of the MSM is what I call the Morbid Stream Media.

Anna Nicole Smith for example. A completely forgotten nobody. Until she died. But what is displayed and discussed? Her money, her drugs, and her sleazy sperm donors.

Everybody knows why Smith's body was rotting away, torn between the Bahamas and the USA. Everybody understands very clearly why there is total chaos going on. We all have keen insight into why Anna Nicole Smith was hooked on Dilaudid, Prexige, Dalmane, Methadone, Soma, and all the other evil pharmaceutical crap.

When I broke my back, a herniated disk in my lower spine, I had excruciating pain. But when a doctor stuck an epidural steroid injection needle into my spine (a bizarre discomfort, hard to imagine if you've never experienced the ordeal, pregnant women know what I mean), and he botched it clumsily, so that it slipped and hit my sciatic nerve, I then had hyper-mega-mind-boggling super-pain.

All they would give me is Vicodin ES, then changed it to Darvocet.

Why was Smith on all these massively powerful drugs?

She was cursed.

She had to take all those narcotics and sedatives because it was the only way she could avoid her guilty conscience about her greed, vulgarity, and perversions.

She married that old feller, and gleefully danced off with millions, wobbling wickedly with her fake body. And now her dead corpse, her children, her lovers, her everything is under a colossal curse.

But as the Morbid Stream Media ghoulishly revels in all the disgrace, damage, and disaster, we bloggers know what's really going on. We are being robbed again. Cheated. Ripped off. They are neglecting the Real News, to pummel us with boring stupidity.

Welcome to hell, Anna Nicole Smith.

As Bill Clinton taught the children that oral sex is not really sex, and now 6th graders have sex with a perverted teacher present, and as George Bush taught children it's okay to go to war based on a lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction... Smith is opening the door to increased prescription drug abuse.

America is now ripe for spiritual revolution.

Teach your children well. Their hell will be your hades.


Anonymous said...

wow thats harse

steven edward streight said...

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Yes, it is harsh how the mainstream media, most of it, not all of it, lies to us.

Oy vay, it is harsh how politicians, all of them without exception, lie to us, or kiss ass of lobbyists and special interest groups.

Certainly, it is harsh how fake boob bimbos love to swallow pills illegally or unethically attained.

Absolutely, it is harsh to go to war for oil, grudges, and vaporware weapons of mass destruction.

I agree that it is harsh how the vultures are swarming all over her corpse and money, just like she swarmed all over the old man's money.

It is really funny how Karma took good care of her greedy exploiting ways, as the ghouls now exploit her children and money and spurious, arguable "fame".

What was Anna Nicole Smith famous for? Changing her name? Being a Playboy tramp? Having mammary gland implants? Marrying a rich old dying guy? Taking more pills than a skid row addict?

Such is celebrity. Hope Richard Geer and all the other Hellywood idiot-mafia are paying attention.

carrie said...

yes. what is all this mind control? who is perpetrating it?

Newsandseduction said...

Create a celebrity out of innocent people and then prey on their lives and deaths. The modern politics of sex is complex, violent and destructive. But there are too many vested strong interests in it. So it rules the lives of all, celebrity or not.