Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3 beliefs about blogs that make you me

1. We are making our own music, literature, software, widgets, mashups, art, and mind science.

Free from all religions and governments and other domination systems. We share most, if not all, of it, with no charge.

We use our blogs, not as greedy vending machines, not as hype-pumps, not as advertising media, but as free sample zones. Share Economy tables of plenty for all to feast upon. To sell something, first you must give it, or concomitant peripherals, away for FREE.

Tons of FREE stuff will generate the income opportunities.

Here's my Anti-Advertising, Anti-Corporate slogan for my new noise music CD:

"Str8 SOUNDS: Music for the Distant Future CD. Buy yours for FREE today!"

Singing Science Records: free mp3s of science lyrics in music.

If we sell, let it be sluggishly, reluctantly, shyly. Be the opposite of Bully Hardsell Hype Hysteria, Manipulative, Pushy-Approach Salesmanship.

2. There is, and can be, no "new breed of bloggers", until I, the King of Blogocombat, authorize and sanction it, er, them, whatever. Only a tiny few are anywhere close to being the New Super Bloggers that I have envisioned sporadically and authoritatively, since early 2005.

After compiling the results from my A Lister Blog Pro Survey, I had finally locked down all the major secrets to blogging, and proceeded to move on to better things, without publishing the tome, and without sharing a morsel of it, not even to starving blogger wannabes.

New Super Bloggers have highly evolved, multi-media, widget-rich, super-interactive blogs. Plain text bloggers are old fashioned and outmoded already.

If your blog lacks audio podcasts, video embeds, mp3 links, digital art, photos, RSS, tags, comment moderation (NOT captchas!), or link buttons and polls, you are a Low Blogger.

I don't care how good your textual content is. You need to get up and learn something and make your blog progress technologically.

3. Emotions have NO place in blogging. Keep your anger, fear, hate, and gushing adorations at home where they belong, sort of. Never respond to any post or comment with "hurt feelings" or vengeance.

Blogocombat is simply text vs. text, never person vs. person.

Skip the tears and balled fists. The blogosphere doesn't need any more stupid emotions in it. Stick to the facts and opinions that grow out of your head like a cabbage or a crow.

No more tantrums and sensitivity to typed words of attack.

#1 Blogocombat Victory Secret: DO NOT READ the opponent's comments or emails. Persist maniacally in pressing home your main idea, oblivious to all flaming and questions and criticisms, which you simply skim over impatiently.

Keep relentlessly re-stating your point, over and over again, from different angles, in different tones of voice, with different idioms and vocabularies, with different emphasis each time.

The only way to lose is to give up and run away scared.

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