Saturday, February 10, 2007


Wikinauts are digital astronauts, space-shipping themselves through the wikisphere, seeking the perfect online collaboration tools. Moving beyond or away from isolated individualistic blogs of obfuscation, they have entered the cloud of co-authoring cooperation.

Blog kites, floating vertically online in the peripheral seasons, act as external sensors, feeding occasional content into the horizontal halls of a wiki.

Wikis are wonderful. They will help overthrow outmoded ways of working and governing. My problem is I am trying to construct a Public Facing Wiki, like Wikipedia, but on limited topics, like Abandoned Blogs and Viral Publicity aka Fast PR.

I add this: Wikidot out of Poland is t. It is easy to use and there is an auto-populated index to pages, a "List All Pages" link in left side panel, though when I click "Edit This Panel" not much happens, see no tools.

Embedding code from external services is tricky, I don't think they have a Browse [your computer] uploader, you must type in the URL using braced embed tags.

I want to shift things around, rename "List All Pages" to "Table of Contents", and put that at top, with "About", "Contact", "Who We Are", "How To Contribute", "Other Stuff We Do", "Resource Links", "Downloads", "Bibliography", "Glossary", "Media Room", and "Wikiroll" under it.

I want a totally permeable wiki, a translucent osmosis of mind entering matter, psyche pixelated, digital deconstructivist meandering and remodeling tools. I seek more control, more liquidicity of modules and online real estate reconfigging, renovation powers, click and drag, plus Browse Your Computer image/audio file uploading.

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