Thursday, February 01, 2007

universal content utopia and FREE

Literature is now joining music, art, software, and various types of expertise on the web. It's becoming free. As in "no cost".

I have been proclaiming a Universal Content Utopia: any content, any time, any place, any format, any frequency, any amount, for anybody.

That's what is already here. Now. And it's skyrocketing. I can't remember the last time I paid for software, musical instruments, recording equipment, or hardcore, authoritative consulting.

I recently needed how to tips on PR, getting free publicity from the, yes, the MSM (main/morbid stream media). I got basically all the advice I needed at Publicity Hound. FREE.

My blogs (Blogger, WordPress, Blog-City, Opera Community) and wikis (JotSpot and PB Wiki) are FREE.

My audio editor (Audacity) is FREE.

My podcast studio (Odeo) is FREE.

My video hosting and player embeds (YouTube) are FREE.

My RSS/Atom feed reader (Awasu) is FREE.

I'm thinking about downloading Open Office soon, which is, of course, FREE. (My boss highly recommends it.)

I pay for broadband, toner, printer paper, some books. Not much else. It all fits in with my Zero Budget Marketing strategy, which, BTW, works great.

This is basically what the web and blog revolution are all about, among some other issues. Beyond communism. Beyond anarchy. A paradise of mostly free information, free help, free advice, free samples, free tutorials, free blogs, free wikis, free mp3s, free ebooks.

Have you stopped to notice that The Long Tail is not entirely correct. It's not necessarily about "selling less to more", it's also, probably even more so, about "giving it free to everyone".

Project Gutenberg, for example, offers over 20,000 books for FREE.

According to the Feb./March 2007 issue of Book Forum (the online version does not include this content, it's only found in the print version):

"Great Awakening" by Nicole Lanctot


With the recent launch of Google Book Search and the ever-expanding electronic library of Project Gutenberg, canonical texts are becoming increasingly accessible -- and free -- to the public.


Want to read your favorite philosophers, mystics, and authors for free? Just do a Google search on "[author's name] online" and see what you come up with.

FREE text sites include some of my favorite authors:

(1) Derrida Online

(2) Bram Stoker's Dracula

(3) Christian Classics Ethereal Library

(4) Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

(5) Jacques Lacan

(6) Jonathan Edwards

(7) William Blake

(8) Charles Darwin

(9) Ralph Waldo Emerson

(10) Marcel Proust

(11) The Dhammapada

More ebooks at University of Adelaide.

So......what do you SELL when everything's FREE?

Ah, I thought you'd never ask.

Stay tuned, friends.

Your pal, Vaspers.

Above: Vaspers desktop crazed and jazzed by blur-o-matics.

Below: TECHNORATI Unplugged.

Here is the Technorati BRB (be right back) sign. They're down for scheduled maintenance. Ever see that before?


Michael Wagner said...

Great post pointing to a liberating reality.

As a boy I use to walk the stacks in the library marveling at all the learning there for the taking.

I never imagined the kind of content utopia we have now.

Now I'm wondering what you do sell when everything is free?!

Maybe it's what the Old Testament Proverbs called better than silver and gold?

Looking forward to your next post!

Newsandseduction said...

How do the people sustain themselves that create the things you mentioned to only offer for free?

steven edward streight said...

News and Seduction:

You give away tons of free advice, help, even samples of product.

Lexus cannot give away very many free cars, but can give away free advice on driving, itineraries, teaching your children how to drive, and any expertise they have as a company, a business leader, networking, their use of wikis and blogs, etc.

You give away FREE things related to your core competencies and business.

All businesses have funny stories, insights, lessons, anecdotes, how to tips.

But they just don't share them enough.

You volunteer at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, Rotary Club, service organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Amnesty International, charities.

Good will and help will attract new customers, almost accidentally. You care NOTHING about sales. You care about serving, helping, teaching.

This should get your thinking rolling in the right direction.

steven edward streight said...

I guess I should say, "when ALMOST everything is FREE".