Monday, February 05, 2007

the new internet

I hear old web guys say disrespectful things about Web 2.0 and the Rich Internet Applications World we are rapidly entering. They claim that the new social media is just what the internet has always done, only with more hype and hysteria.


Technology evolves. The lightbulb was not an improved candle. A television is not a fancier theatre stage. A cell phone is not a better kind of smoke signal.

The new web of wikinomics, crowdsourcing, and Net Gen swarming does not look like Grandpa's internet to me.

The old internet was a library.

The new internet is a party.

The old internet you just looked at and read and moved on, played a game perhaps.

The new internet is doing what the old internet dreamed of doing. Now any individual can operate his or her own blogo-vision studio or podcast-radio station. Customers can design their own products and then order them online. Forum members consult each other about brands, and shun all advertising.

Old internet was words and numbers, a few static pictures, infrequent updates.

New internet is video, audio, compu-telepathy, immersive haptic telepresencing, manipulating objects and environments in the offline world, eventually emanations of digital surrogates, web-generated personas, who will represent us electro-bodily in the cyber-effluvium.

Cyber-hippie babble? Well, the blog is a digital surrogate of self. Try posting a critical comment on a blog. The blogger will feel as if you etched the comment with a knife into his flesh. Negative comments hurt the blog itself, as though it were alive, and the blogger is ventriloquized by the blog into lashing out against the hostile intrusion.

Soon, with a mouse click, you'll stop a tornado, change a dogma, shoot a deer, explore another planet, record a dream and play it back to the world like a movie. Dreamers will grope for interpretations and the oneiric hermeneutics industry is born. Dream Video Analysis will become a lucrative profession overnight.

The new internet is about interactivity, customers dictating demands to companies and customers fleeing those who ignore or resist their demands. Miserably Servile Customer Pampering will win the day.

The new internet is universal content utopia, global democracy, open source government, authority based on participation and proven results, consumers advising each other and deleting all interruptive marketing.

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Keep on looking ahead Steven, nad tell us what you see!