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Make One Person Better manifesto

Change the World says Successful dash Blog dot com

I have often called blogs "slow chat rooms", referring to the comments that readers post and how they interact with the author in two way communication. Then Liz Strauss pulls an "Open Mic Tuesday" live blogging program where it is now a not so "slow chat room": all limb blogging in effect, post comment, hit refresh, read responses, post comment, hit refresh, etc. like lightning.

Now this.

First, since I know you're in a rush, here's the implementation of the principle you're about to learn, a putting of the horse in front of the apple/shopping-cart:

Rootkits and Botnets: new internet danger maximus.

Liz Strauss at Successful-Blog has issued a simple but order of magnitude sea change in the blogosphere with what I call her Make One Person Better manifesto. It contains what has to be the most important reason why we blog: to improve, cheer, amuse, enlighten, provoke, motivate, disconcert, teach, heal, or advise one other person.

Philosophers Levinas and Derrida seem to agree: we are Born to Serve the Other. That is, before we even arrive in life, we are always already obligated to be altruistic, self-sacrificing before our self even exists! We survive due to a pre-existing agreement to treat others better than self, to help at great cost and discomfort, to work hard to bring benefit for others, even the undeserving, and enemies.

That is the highest ethical idealism I have ever heard of, yet it echoes all the ancient Order of the Arrow enlightenment traditions, from Buddha to Billy Graham, from Plato to the Subway Superman.

Recently I and some colleagues have been archiving, exploring, and analyzing Reasons Bloggers Quit. We have formed research teams working within sites like Abandoned Blog, Dropping Out of the Blogosphere wiki, and Future Blog and Blog History Timeline wiki.

It's serious, yet can be funny, too. What's not funny is bloggers who blog for stats, comments, traffic, links, and accolades. The minute you worry about how many people are reading you, subscribing/unsubscribing to your RSS feeds, posting comments, or blogrolling your blog, you've wandered far far away from the Heart and Soul of Blogging.

Liz Strauss aims to usher in a Return to this Heart and Soul of Blogging by issuing her manifesto that comes complete, and by complete I mean: with a clickable blog sidebar button, her Change the World badge I now display as a sign of submission to her strict policy of Totally Altruistic Blogging.

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Liz Strauss said...

Thank you for this.
It's a lovely post about what blogging is. In fact, I think it's a classic the way that you describe it. :0