Sunday, February 25, 2007

Derrida seminar 1

Hooded Negro on Derrida (4:38)

Laugh as this funny guy pretends to not understand Derrida and to prefer the Pre-Socratic Sophists, or something. Great self-parody video.

Jacques Derrida "On Christianity" (2:20)

Jacques Derrida "The Death/Future of Philosophy" (1:43)

Woman (hiper 289) reads first paragraph of "Violence & Metaphysics" in Writing and Difference by Jacques Derrida.

Jacques Derrida "On Atheism and Faith" (6:33)

Jacques Derrida "On Love and Being" (4:49)

Jacques Derrida "Deconstruction and Christianity: Part 1" (5:20)

Jacques Derrida "Deconstruction and Christianity: Part 2" (5:16)

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