Friday, February 16, 2007

bloggers help with mystery weapon

Is this a hoax? Sure seems like one to me. I, like most Americans, have deep distrust of MSM (main/morbid stream media). It looks like a plastic toy squirt gun to me. Is evil Iran supplying squirt guns to the religious sectarian civil war in Iraq?

(SIDE NOTE: See how "Iraq" and "Iran" are double underlined in the linked article on Fox News? That generally indicates Content Hypertext Spam from the asshats at Intellitxt and elsewhere. But in this case it's a link to MSN live search, and is a good idea really.)

Fox News posting: bloggers try to explain this "mystery weapon".


Stephan Tual said...

If you look at the much higher res pix here:

... you can clearly see you wouldn't want insurgents to do the welding on your car. The spray painted wooden stock and foregrip are a nice touch though. Gotta give them that.

They did bother to make the sight elevation adjustable though, but who knows, maybe that was for show, too. I wouldn't want to fire it anyway because 1) how do you shoulder it? and 2) drilling holes in the launchtube was a pretty bad idea.

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