Saturday, February 24, 2007

being an unperson by silent miaow VIDEO

I don't make these videos, I just find them. And I highly recommend this one in particular. Amanda aka Silentmiaow is deconstructing normal bias and idiocy in her public education videos.

Speaking through digital voice synthesizer, her fingers dance on the computer keyboard, and she reveals what no one wants to look at and confront. Consider yourself charmed with the infinite bestowal of insight.

Silentmiaow: "Being an Unperson" (8:46)

Also see: "In My Language" by Silentmiaow, autistic savant video genius.

Michael B. Williams: "Discovering Communication" (1:29)

As [text deleted] and domination system deconstructor, I have always said: "The slightest deviation causes explosive discomfort in the established regime lemmings, who will do whatever it takes to quench the fire of free and independent thinking and eccentrism, source of all reality."

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