Thursday, February 08, 2007

5 Viral Publicity ideas

From Viral Publicity Wiki.

Go viral, IF you're good, by being actively involved, simultaneously, in:

(1) Craig's List for visibility to lurking journalists.

(2) Email discussion lists, blogs, and forums.

(3) Your own web sites, blogs, wikis, podcasts, web video, local public access TV programs, clubs, trade associations, local charities, and publicity stunts.

(4) Alliances formed with peers, students, universities, soup kitchens, public libraries, art councils, and media.

(5) Collaborations and communications with peers in all new and emerging technologies. VoIP. VPN. RDF. RSS. Video Chat. Experiment, explore, remix, translate and explain it to non-technical users, innovate, make a mess, amuse the skeptics, test the faith of allies, fall flat on your face. Do anything but freeze in unfounded fear.

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