Saturday, January 20, 2007

your invitation to join my new wiki

Dropping Out of the Blogosphere

World's first WIKI devoted to
mysteriously vanished bloggers
and their abandoned blogs.


Thanks to those who, within the first days of its grotesque birth, are linking and/or contributing editors:

* Doc Searls (linking) -- of Doc Searls Weblog

Contributing Editors &
Founding Members:

* Carrie Snell (founder of Dropping Out wiki) -- of Omnamaste

* Liz Straus -- of Successful-Blog

* Yvonne Divita -- of Lipsticking

* Valeria Maltoni -- of Conversation Agent

* Bill Dennis -- of Peoria Pundit

* Paul Woodhouse -- of Tinbasher

* Steven Brent -- of (title forgotten)

* Steven E. Streight -- of Vaspers the Grate, Blog Core Values, Abandoned Blog

by Carrie and Vaspers and ... (you?)

An ethnomethodological-deconstructivist inquiry of phenomenological proportions.

Want a password?

Just email me at

steven [dot] streight [at]

gmail [dot] com (icbo) ok

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