Tuesday, January 09, 2007

why girls are social networking

Is the blog the new telephone? The new chat room? The new diary? The new television? The new magazine? The new radio? The new newspaper? The new advertising billboard? The new store? The new book? The new dating service? The new webcast conference? The new collaborative project input and tracking tool? The new sample portfolio? The new art gallery? The new library?

The new you?

Yes, oh my yes, a blog is all of the above. And more. But you all already know all that.

Alright, so now let me ask you this, then: What is a blog to the upcoming generation of 12 year olds?

It's more a telephone and chat room, I suspect. In that age bracket, it's girls leading the boys, about three-fourths of the girls use blogs, while only about half the boys do. The girls use blogs to connect, communicate, and interact with other girls who were already their friends, whereas the boys are a bit more adventurous and willing to meet new people.

According to the new Pew Internet research report on Social Networking Websites & Teens.

Being a deconstructionist, I quote the marginalia only, the single solitary Note (expressed categorically in a curious twist of optimistic but unfulfilled pluralization) appended to the story, which is key to the whole edifice here constructed, though relegated to the margins, the fringe, the edge of the communication, banished, exiled and alone, yet defining and supporting the whole.



(1) We define social networking websites here as sites where users can create a profile and connect that profile to other profiles for the purposes of making an explicit personal network. However, in the telephone survey from which the data in this memo was derived, we allowed the respondent to define social networking websites, prompting with two examples of such sites – Facebook and MySpace.


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carrie said...

i think the boys use their myspace to talk about video games.