Thursday, January 25, 2007

new Bibles of personal revelation

Blogs are the New Bibles of Personal Revelation.

People, journalists, web sites, universities are starting to say "the blogs are..." and "in the blogs they're saying..."

Blogs are becoming solemn, prestigious, recognized for the hard, disciplined work of research, insight, and inscription that they are. A blog can be a frivolous piece of junk, yes, like any TV show, music band, telephone call, or direct mail package. But increasing numbers of respected intellects, most of them authors or thought leaders, are starting blogs.

And even in the most exalted and intellectual blogs, the blogs act as mirrors, mirroring the passion, knowledge, skills, and personalities of the bloggers. Every blog is a personal blog. CEO blogs just happen to have a CEO as the person blogging. Product blogs are simply personal blogs in which the product and it's blogging surrogates are the star.

Blogs enable you to express your deep or casual feelings about a brand, a company, a person (self), a product, an expertise, a hobby, a life style, an artform, a social cause, an ideology. To understand a market, it wouldn't hurt to read a bunch of blogs devoted to topics relevant to your target market.

Do a Google or Technorati search on a key phrase related to your market, say "small business accounting". You'll see web pages and blog posts devoted to "small business accounting". Click on a few of them. Inspect their blogrolls. A blogroll can tell you a lot about a blog. Do the blogs that look professional and credible link to certain blogs consistently? Click on them.

You're "trust-linking" from reputable sites to what they link to. You're starting to assemble a fairly valuable, seat of the pants list of seemingly credible and authoritative sites on a topic or industry. It's fun.

Be sure to post your final list for your own blog readers.

Deconstructively speaking, or rather writing, the word "blog" is beginning to get close to both "babel" and "bible". Most blogs are in the middle. Somewhere between narcissistic chatter and technology white paper.

Blogosphere: from private musings to network storage.

When people say "blogs" now, everyone knows that only the good blogs is meant. "Bloggers" now refers exclusively, in most cases, to the good bloggers. Personal bloggers, science bloggers, art bloggers, mommy bloggers, CEO bloggers, musician bloggers, it makes no difference.

Blogs: the New Telephone, Television, and (Compu-) Telepathy.

No matter what business or art or hobby you're in, you can learn a lot from the tech bloggers. You don't even have to understand or care about their blog content. Just skim through them and notice how each post title sounds like the name of a seminar. The posts are like mini-seminars.

Here's how a data storage blogger speaks of his little corner of the blogosphere. Notice what he says is "impossible". He's right.

Blogs: the New Defenders of Democracy.

Blogs: the New Thought Liberators.

Blogs: the New Bibles of Personal Revelation.

You can trust them more than you thought you could.

From "Top 10 Network Storage Blogs"


When you're immersed in storage as I am, it’s impossible to ignore the blogs of analysts, vendors and consultants.

The blogs written by storage company executives can be surprisingly vendor-agnostic, though the analysts and consultants still tend to pull fewer punches.


Isn't this what blogging's all about?

Freely expressing your un-incentivized, non-compensated, spontaneous, uncoached opinions and gripes?

Mouthing off, loudly, relentlessly, triumphalistically -- about your fears, dreams, desires, needs, solutions, products, music, art, expertise, lunch, favorite movies, marketing ideas, parenting experiences, exercise plan, office innovation, and political view?

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