Friday, January 12, 2007

get Snap for your blog now

snap logo

Thanks to Christopher Locke, I have discovered a nice web developer tool that anybody can put on their blog or web site.

Called Snap, the functionality is that when you hover your cursor over any text or graphic link in Vaspers the Grate, a little preview panel will pop up and show you a screen shot of the site, prior to your actually clicking on the link and navigating to the site.

This will probably drive more traffic to the sites and blogs linked to on my blog. Consider Snap to be a benefit to your readers and to the sites you link to.

It's a nice little service for your blog visitors to enjoy. They'll think you are so smart and geeky and cool.

True to the Share Economy, Snap is FREE. And easy for any template tweaker to install, with complete step-by-step instructions. In Blogger, you just paste the code in right before the closing header tag.

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