Saturday, January 20, 2007

farewell to blogging post

A "farewell to blogging" post at A David Gray Flog (Fan Blog).

The "go ahead and laugh" title seems to be tilted out away from the central meaning implied, by the bizarre deleting of the original post, replaced by a long reverie of Crete.

From the intrusive "But since malfouka's asked,...(etc.)" this post slogs in an alienated obliteration, so profound and recurrent, as you click each "previous posts" pseudo-links in the list, they all navigate to the same content.


This blog was largely a failure.

I am putting it out of its misery.

See you around, doggie daddies.

But since malfouka's asked, I am posting this here writing for her.

There's a vapor-filled street and I am standing under the town's only street lamp. It's the night before Greek Orthodox Christmas in Crete. People are calling out "Christos etekhthi." Others answer "Alithos etekhthi." I call it a night and head to the house, up to the loft, where I'm spending the night.


There is also an example of a properly abandoned blog: Cluetrain Manifesto.


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