Friday, January 12, 2007

deconstructive marketing and raiding the immaterial

raiding the immaterial: deconstructive marketing logo
raiding the immaterial artwork: vaspers hat of hope charcoal photo filtered
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deconstructivist mopings and gropings of field philosophy and metaphysical shoe

Deconstructive Marketing -- click here! is my new post at my YABE (Yet Another Blog Experiment) in the Opera Community.

My boring, new, deep web blog, that runs around the blogosphere by the name of Raiding The Immaterial -- click here! It contains Glimpses of Universe of Dream photo art gallery.

The new blog is for deeper thinking about blogs, music, and philosophy of triumphalist deconstruction ala Jacques Derrida.

"Why try to force the world to want your product, when you could be giving the world the product that it already wants?"

We will go way beyond Share Economy and delve into the murky and radiant, by turns, depths of Miserably Servile Customer Pampering. We will explore the furthest reaches of what customers are doing to each other, to the economy, and to your revenue streams.

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Humour and last laugh said...

We do not have to worry about reconstruction after we go for the deconstruction....