Saturday, January 27, 2007

CyberJournalist post titles in newsletter

I got the latest CyberJournalist email newsletter yesterday I think it was.

Here's a smart idea for you newsletter senders, which I must become soon. Include a linked list of your 20 latest, or 20 best or most popular posts, so newsletter subscribers can catch up, derive benefit, and fall more deeply in love with your resources.

Turn the clocks in your head back to square one and, as you burn into your brain the truth that users are always impatient, distracted, multi-tasking, hurried, and madly searching for relevant info, task-accomplishment functionalities, or nichey entertainment, with all this in mind, now go, go to the very beginning and ask yourself, from ground zero:

"Do my blog post titles, archive categories, content, sidebar buttons, profile facts, and navigation systems truly reflect what my readers need, want, and seek?" recent articles:

Recent headlines

Which title do you click, if any? I'm curious. Do YOU think these post titles are compelling? Which is the most attractive to YOU???

I like "Blog Readership Growing for Major Newspapers" (since online newspapers never know how to do a blog, link to other sites, or enable comments for every article).

I also am intrigued by "New York Times launches video obits".

Imagine if your obituary in an online newspaper, or in your own blog, could be like
"Hello. If you're viewing this, then it's official: I'm deceased. Dead. Departed. Hope I end up in a better world, but not no heaven or nirvana if it don't have no computers, blogs, or noise music CDs."
while you're clowing around with tuna and ketchup.

Yesterday, I figured out how to sell web sites to local businesses. I now know how to pick the low hanging fruit of those who want a web site, who are proclaiming "everybody's buying everything online now". It's so simple what my boss taught me, but I'll never reveal it.

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