Saturday, January 06, 2007

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I have two strong recommendations: Kellogg on Marketing: The Kellogg Marketing Faculty, Northwestern University, Dawn Iacobucci, Editor (John Wiley & Sons, 2001).

..and John Cage: "The Seasons" (2000).

How can you be astonishing, successful, happy? Innovative? Creative? Forward Thinking? Visionary?

By forcing your imagination to encapsulate and endlessly rotate the utmost extremes of everything, how things could and might be in another year, two years, ten years, one million years, then striving for it.

By dreaming about how we are evolving technologically, and worrying about how we're devolving ethically. As we push nature and reality to its limits, we become more materialistic to enjoy the hoped-for immaterial pleasure that never arrives like they promised it would.

Our moral excellance and marketing genius is based on how far removed from self and today our goals are. When we actually worry about our customers, and fear for our audience, and yearningly desire their benefit and success, self goes to sleep, enjoys a re-charging rest, and we triumph together as one.

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Humour and last laugh said...

Yeas steven. I share fully your thoughts.