Sunday, January 28, 2007

burn podcasts to CDs

I have been downloading podcasts, opening them with iTunes, putting them into playlists, then burning CDs of them. By burning podcasts to CDs, I can listen to them in the car, in a boombox, or in the livingroom stereo system.

When you feel like listening to talk, don't turn to talk radio, full of jarring commercials, turn instead to podcasts in your field of expertise or practice, in art or music, marketing or management, whatever is your passion or career.

I have a meagre library that is doomed to expand exponentially:

(1) "Computer Music Pioneers" playlist with an interview and music by Tod Dockstader.

(2) "CalacanisCast Beta" featuring Jason Calacanis.

(3) PodTech Marketing Voices Interviews with:
Seth Godin

("most of the time you need to ignore your customers, because the goal is to get your customers talking to each other, and you need to listen to what they're saying to each other...customers cannot innovate for you, if Edison listened only to customers, he would have made brighter candles.")

Robert Scoble (

Bill Kircos (Intel)

Debbie Weil (BlogWrite for CEOs)

Kelly Wagman (Juniper Networks)

Michael Sippey

Steve Broback (Blog Business Summit)

Peter Rojas (Engadget)

Pete Blackshaw (Nielsen Buzzmetrics)

Guy Kawasaki

Regis McKenna

Jeremiah Owyang (

Steve Rubel (Edelman)

Sharon Wienbar (BA Venture Partners).

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