Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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start blog, get no results, abandon blog
The deconstructivist experiment in blog phenomenology is under full sway now, up and running to who knows what glorious goal or advantageous aim?

Wiki contributors include: Carrie Snell, Vaspers, Liz Strauss, Yvonne Divita, Valeria Maltoni, Paul Woodhouse, Chip Camden, Steven Brent, and Bill Dennis.

Dropping Out of the Blogosphere (wiki)

Archiving and analyzing the terrible tragedy, or the refreshing liberation, of quitting the discipline of blogging.

View the constantly updated content and watch the saga of blog abandonment unfold.

Now up to 10 highly motivated Contributing Editors at your service, collecting and commenting on orphaned, deleted, or poorly maintained blogs and vanishing bloggers.

New content added daily, as much as possible.

A world premier web site.

..and don't forget
the exciting and

Abandoned Blog

In which posts occur, tragically betraying the sense and sincerity of the title, making the Abandoned Blog one of the most active and unabandoned blog, but it's still worthy of the title Abandoned Blog, because it's a little deconstruction machine.

It's unobtrusively digesting the mystery of the meaning of being an "abandoned blog".

start a blog, get no results, abandon blog

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