Saturday, January 27, 2007

85 blogger tee shirt sayings

Mr. Angry, my online sedative, makes tee shirts with fabric painted sayings on them.

Here are some ideas for him. As you hurriedly skim and scan my list, think of your own witty and fiendish blogger tee shirt sayings, okay? Then post a comment here, telling us what they are, please. Thanks.

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(1) “I’m a blogger, therefore I will flame you in my next post.”

(2) "She-bloggers eat lumberjacks for lunch and spit hyper-nails."

(3) "Your _____ will be exposed in my next blog post."

(4) "My boss doesn't know I blog. About him."

(5) "Mommy bloggers put their children at risk with predators."

(6) "Political blogs make me want to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE."

(7) "How am I? Didn't you read my blog today?"

(8) "Blog = Boring Lame Obnoxious Gushings"

(9) “You don't blog? You don't exist!”

(10) “Blog until your head falls off.”

(11) "Feed my RSS scraper, baby!"

(12) "Ping me!"

(13) "V is for Victory over the MSM!"

(14) "MOUSE = Multi Operational User Selection Enabler"

(15) "I blog, therefore I am (a blogger--doh!)"

(16) "Blog: ugly word with a lovely future."

(17) "Post videos and podcasts -- or delete your blog!"

(18) "What would Kurt Cobain blog? Oh, stupid lyrics, that's right. Never mind."

(19) "Friends don't let friends blog drunk."

(20) "Blogrolls are the new RSS" -- Evan Williams.

(21) "Blog = an email to the world" -- Doc Searls.

(22) "Only web wusses avoid blogocombat."

(23) "She-bloggers are prettier than half-males."

(24) "Geek-neckers, unite!"

(25) "Embed my link in your name, baby!"

(26) "Reciprocal commenting: the new online high."

(27) "There is no offline reality."

(28) "My monetized blog paid off my student loan!"

(29) "Build your dream house for $1.49"

(30) "Web 2 point Oh No!"

(31) "I'm an auto-refreshing page boy."

(32) "Ajax: not just for sinks anymore."

(32) "XML is my feed size. Here it comes."

(33) "I want to Trackback you."

(34) "WARNING: I drank the social media Koolaid."

(35) "Meet me at my sidebar" OR "sip my parsing syntax" (not sure what this means...)

(36) "Push Button Publishing made me rich!" -- Post Secret.

(37) "Make millions doing next to nothing." -- Post Secret.

(38) "Let users create ALL your blog content." -- Post Secret.

(39) WEB INFORMATION UTOPIA: Any Content. Any Time. Any Amount. Any Format. Any Place.

(40) "Markets are now smarter than the companies that serve them." -- Christopher Locke

(41) "Sneak my Easter Egg into your Office app." -- Christopher Locke (Gonzo 49)

(42) "Up with Thick Description!" --Christopher Locke (Gonzo 45)

(43) "The future is already here. It's just not distributed equally."

(44) "What would a digital journalist do?"

(45) "What to blog about today? Your annoying defects and irrational masochism!"

(46) "Doug Engelbart rocks!"

(47) "Happy information trails 2 U" -- Vannevar Bush

(48) "/qW=e don't need no thought kontrol!"

(49) "typos R mandytory"

(50) "Jurgen Habermas was right!" -- Christopher Locke (Gonzo 156)

(51) "So was Jacques Derrida!" -- Christopher Locke (Gonzo 156)

(55) "Vin~t Cerf > ce]rtifie[d T\ech-nic^ian"

(56) "My dad is Charles Babbage and Konrad Zuse"

(57) "There is no one unaffected by the computer technology explosion." -- Steven Levy

(58) "Computer Literacy Tutor"

(59) "Multi Hyper Media Tycoon"

(60) "Help! I'm stuck in Arpanet!"

(61) "digitized appetite hunger strike"

(70) "World Wide Web Whiner"

(71) "Wanna Wiki?"

(72) "My blog speaks Python" (partially sure what this might mean)

(73) "I got your Up-skilling"

(74) "CPU first, RAM second" (may be fading in relevance)

(75) "Married to a data warehousewife"

(76) "Debugger...for girsl and half-males only" (intentional typo, see 49)

(77) "dot matrix guitar player -- Resonance FM"

(78) "Ooops. Was that your social security number? Sorry. Sold it."

(79) "Thwart and stymie and deter identity theft. De-entitize yourself."

(80) "Gmail, not Fee Mail"

(81) "Net Neutrality stole my girlfriend. Have you seen 'im?"

(81 1/2) "Technorati Illuminati"

(82) "They call me Macro."

(83) "I can fix your user error."

(84) "Sphere me."

(85) "Digg this!"


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steven edward streight said...

My boss doesn't know I blog. About him.

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