Tuesday, January 09, 2007

7 unsecret powers of blogs

to the new
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diagnostics, here is the
information you seek

on how blogs can be a

"Life Changing Experience"!

(whatever that janky tripe
is supposed to mean!)

7 unsecret powers of blogs

(1) You can exhibit your creative talents, or professional expertise, or seasoned insight, with a blog.

(2) You can sample, sell, sign people up for, or promote free music mp3s, ebooks, white papers, email newsletters, audio podcasts, and video films/commercials, in a blog.

(3) You can have two-way conversations with customers, job applicants, investors, employees, club members, or suppliers, through a blog.

(4) You can configure an intranet blog to serve as easy to use conduit for collaborative project updates or team editing work, enabling multiple inputs from authorized sources within the organization.

(5) You can tell your side of, or your slant on, a controversial story, via a blog.

(6) You can keep in touch with friends and family, meet new colleagues and allies, and build an online community of shared interests, from a blog.

(7) You can express your freedom of thought, belief, and opinion, by virtue of using a blog.

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