Tuesday, January 02, 2007

15 risks of blogging

Blogs take the entire realm of mental domination, and smash it into a million pieces.

It's hard to brainwash a person who is habitually struggling with deep thoughts, and daily expressing herself in her blog, arguing with other bloggers, and defending her posts against hostile comments and emails.

A real blogger is combative.

This world is too violent, deceptive, and stupid for anyone to just float through life with smiles and hugs for every rotten soul you meet. To be sane, you have to be angry at many injustices and crimes. Only a mentally deranged imbecile would think it's good to go along with everything and never criticize or question anybody or anything.

Swedenborg said that God has to let evil people get rich and successful, because they're the only ones, albeit with selfish motives and arrogant attitudes, who have the dedication to get anything done in this world. The "good" and "nice" people are too lazy, too soft, too timid to get up off their butts and take some risks.

The lightbulb, which as Derrida might have said, stands as a seemingly universal image and metaphor for Idea Itself, did not give up its secrets without a long and arduous struggle on the part of Thomas Edison.

Blogs, when done correctly, when combative in the name of some higher notion or human ideal, are 100% opposed to all forms of enforced and incentivized opinion. Blogs are contrary to group-think, herd instinct, and automatons.

Blogs are the product of Thought and require fast, hard, deep Thinking.

When you use a blog to express your genuine opinion, personal insight, reasoned faith, observation-based theory, cultivated taste, informed argument, or real life experience, you risk a lot.

Every time you post something, every article you publish to the web via your blog, exposes you to multiple potential hazards.

15 Risks of Blogging

(1) You risk being laughed at, mocked, and flamed...in front of your customers, clients, and colleagues.

(2) You risk looking stupid, by blurting out something that you later deeply regret.

(3) You risk looking biased and ill-bred, by saying something harsh and provocative, without getting all the facts first.

(4) You risk being too zealous, and sounding rash, overly emotional, or narrow-minded.

(5) You risk turning RSS subscribers into unsubscribers.

(6) You risk losing potential clients.

(7) You risk saying some random thing that horrifies and enrages your boss, your best friend, or your biggest client.

(8) You risk accidentally hurting someone's feelings.

(9) You risk being misinterpreted.

(10) You risk alienating other people, the non-bloggers, who increasingly compare unfavorably with the vastly more interesting blogosphere, by being visibly bored and distracted in their presence.

(11) You risk alienating other people, as you respond like a scientist to any query, and say "what's up? up is the opposite of down", and use blog terms like ping, trackback, spam comment, link love, feed syndication, feedrolls, feedscraper, A List, blogrolls, captchas, moderation, dashboard, admin panel, Dan Ratherize, self-policing blogosphere, pseudo-blog, blogocombat, echo chamber, traffic, site stats, referral logs, Technorati, Sifry Alerts, troll, long tail, purple cow, free prize inside, tipping point, WTF, 404 (clueless, page not found), PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and computer), and template tweaking. The glass is neither half full, nor half empty, but twice as large as necessary. Two banana, at best.

(12) You risk getting sued, hacked, or swarmed with spambot droppings.

(13) You risk getting linked to by a sleazy site.

(14) You risk being stalked, threatened, physically attacked.

(15) You risk your life and freedom in some countries.

And by taking all these risks, you fight against Mind Control and you show evidence that your mind is still roaming free and easy, in the light of inevitable, universal Democracy.


bnpositive said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing with those of us willing to take the risk and the rest of the world that doesn't understand why we do.

Andrew Jecklin said...

I will be doing an interview with Ben Mack, author of Think 2 Products Ahead. You can find it at Amazon, though it
hasn't been released yet. Very interesting gentleman. His bio can be seen there.

He also wrote the book Poker Without Cards, which 300,000 people downloaded. When was the last time I convinced 300,000 people to download anything on a $400 budget? Last week?

I share this with you, Steven, because his whole purpose is to wake people up, like you. If you watch how he does what he does, he teaches you in the open what others are using on you.

Interview early next week, TBA. When Ben was a kid, he hung out with Buckminster Fuller. Good stuff. BEWARE: it is likely we will talk about magick.

I made a little promo video on my blog...will make a straight, I'm interviewing so and so in a few days.


Kevin said...

I agree. It's a powerful post. Let's take risk to build a better tomorrow for our children's children.

spyscribbler said...

Definitely a great post! Thank you for that!

steven edward streight said...

You fellers and lassies are quite splendidly welcome.

Lists are always fun to read, and they are one of the most effective communication tools, especially for blog titles.

"15 Risks of Blogging" implies you'll come away with a numerically verifiable collection of items you can use, while "The Hidden Risks of Blogging" sounds more spooky and enticing, but might be just a general, vague, sensationalistic spin on what everybody already knows.

the insect said...

A beautiful razorblade of an entry. Thank you for saying what I have long believed. The sunshine-and-smiles apologetic eunuchs who make up a good portion of the blogosphere would do well to read and learn from this list.

Anonymous said...

you are crazy and the people who thought it was great are also psychos. buddy you need to get laid