Thursday, December 07, 2006

why bloggers should meet other local bloggers

I'll bring a digital camera next time so we can upload some photos of our meeting.

Scoble has some great advice on how to increase traffic and comments for your blog, Peorians. I have the honor of posting the first comment to this thread. "Help a San Jose Mercury News Columnist Blog".

I just want to say my wife and I had a great time at the bi-monthly Peoria Blogger Bash tonight. The gathering was organized and publicized by noteworthy journalist blogger Peoria Pundit aka Billy Dennis. We met at one of my favorite restaurant-bars: Castle Patio Inn.

Castle Patio Inn is famous for quaint cozy atmosphere and a terrific garlic cheese spread, which is provided FREE, with Ritz crackers, to every patron every day. This is another example of the Share Economy. As far as I'm concerned, any bar that doesn't provide free food (nuts, hot wings, pizza, tacos, etc.) is not worth a crap. The snacks get people to drink more, to stay longer, so it's no loss really.

Anyway, it was nice. This was the first Peoria Blog Bash that I had ever attended, but I suggested a Peoria Bloggers Conference to Bill Dennis about a year ago. I had suggested the Pere Marquette as a possible meeting place.

So...why should you meet with fellow bloggers in your home town?

Because: we are pioneers in the truest sense of that word.

Blogs represent a revolution.

For the first time in human history, every person is able to express him or herself to a global audience, with no filters, censors, or editors (with the exception of horrible Red Communist China, jerkbag Iran, idiot North Korea, disgusting Syria, and other sickening repressive, mind-control regimes).

This has never happened before now. The internet, web, and blogosphere have turned the entire world upside down, even more than the Gutenberg printing press, or any other media. So we should gaze in awe at other bloggers, we are like outer space astronauts, exploring unknown realms of communication.

Blogonauts is what we are. There. Yet another in my boring, endless stream of neologisms.

Get together with your local bloggers. Show some unity. Inspire and amuse each other. Help newer bloggers to understand the subtle and rigorous discipline and best practices of blogging.

Sure, some of you bloggers of Peoria may have waged blogocombat against each other over certain issues. But I hear that the Peoria Blogger Bash meetings are generally civil and polite, allowing for differences of opinion, which is what democracy and free expression are all about.

I didn't quite catch the names of all the bloggers, or their blogs, but here are just a few of the blogs (most of them are Blogspot blogs, God love 'em) that were represented:

Peoria Pundit


Angie's Drama

Chef Kevin's Culinary Rants & Raves

One Problem

The Peoria Chronicle


Peoria County Politics

It Just Slays Me


...and your pal, Vaspers the Grate.

I want to invite all the Peoria Blog Revolutionists to our home sometime soon for a more intimate gathering, to really dig into some blogging issues and personal sharing. It's a family, a Blogger Family and we have brother and sister bloggers all over the world, and in outer space via the InterPlaNet (interplanetary internet).


Here's that video I talked about at the Peoria Blogger Bash tonight.

Overman: "Male Restroom Etiquette" (9:36)


Loren Feldman said...

I think you are great. You have such good values, a good and decent man. People tell me all the time, they wish they could come to NYC and hang with me in the big city. I wish I was in Peoria with you and your friends. When they invent that teleporting blog machine of yours we gotta try it. Say Hi to Mrs. Vaspers.

steven edward streight said...

Loren: You are one of the smartest vloggers or bloggers that I know, though I wonder about that vanilla tee shirt and your loathing of Jason Calacanis.

Jason asked people to send him podcasts and he'd put them into his Calacaniscast podcasts.

So dumb me, I send him my "Hair From Hell" Odeo podcast mp3, with my noise music CompuMusik as background. It's a few minutes long.

Jason freaked I suppose, because what he meant was to send him like 20 second questions or "hello Jason" podcasts.

He said in the next podcast, "Some guy sent me like a 10 minute feedback thing. Be reasonable."

Well, I hope Jason listened to "Hair From Hell", a very funny and weird sci fi micro story.

It's not 10 minutes long. It's not "feedback", it's carefully structured noise music.

Isn't Jason living in NYC?

If so, he should know all about the Loisaida Art Revolution of 1980s, and the Warhol-inspired underground computer music and noise bands like Velvet Underground (Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" LP in particular), Merzbow, Zoviet France, Lt. Caramel, Whitehouse, Kapotte Muziek, Asmus Tiechins, The Hafler Trio, Juno Reactor, Crawl Unit, Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Illusion of Safety, Bee Queen, Solid Eye, THU 20, Arcane Device, Missing Foundation, Sonic Youth, etc.

I will be visiting NYC soon, perhaps in February, you can count on it.

Mrs. Vaspers asks about you a lot.

I watched your latest video at work today, during my lunch hour.

carrie said...

that's cool that you met with your area bloggers.

carrie said...

oh yeah, and one time i ran into that video of the bathroom etiquette and i paused it because i wanted scott to see it and i was minimizing windows and i lost it and then i couldn't find it and now i have found it again, so thank you.