Wednesday, December 06, 2006

vaspers interview with US News & World Report

Yesterday at work, I got an email from Elizabeth Green (tiny URL =, who writes the Paper Trail column for US News & World Report magazine. She asked me if she could interview me for their special annual issue "50 Ways To Improve Your Life".

Elizabeth said she read my Corporate Blog Revolution, my WordPress blog, and wanted to ask me about, er, corporate blogging and why blogging is a "revolution".

So we talked by phone last night about business blogs, CEO blogs, how to evaluate a blog, blogging discipline, blogocombat, and the "blog residue" (that quality that is generated within the blogger as a result of blogging: increased self confidence and improved skills in debate, research, networking, online community building, etc.).

I like public speaking and interviews. I never use prepared speeches and if I use any notes at all, it's just a scrap of paper with two or three sentences jotted down. I've always felt that if you're passionate about, and devoted to, something, it ought to be easy to talk about it spontaneously.

Isn't it easy to talk about your favorite music band, your boyfriend, your favorite restaurant, your favorite web site or blog? Do you need notes or prepared sermons? I think not.

Anyway, talking about blogs is sort of like writing a post for your blog. It's not that much different, except you can't edit speech.

I don't know what will make it into the publication, but hopefully I honored the blogosphere and inspired the bloggers by what I said.



1938media said...

Congrats, the bogoshpere should be grate-ful to have your voice heard.

carrie said...

totally awesome. you're famous! don't forget us little folks. ;-)