Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vaspers FREE music mp3s

EDIT UPDATE: I have gotten numerous requests, so I'm trying to send out the mp3s as fast as I can, basically spending all Sunday grinding out the email attachments. If you got only a few tracks, be patient. Everyone will get everything eventually. Promise.

Here are the music mp3s, FREE and legal, I can send to anyone who emails me a request. Liz Strauss got pummeled with them this morning, and she is not in any worse shape for it, I don't think.

More will be available later, as I use iTunes to convert tracks to mp3s, then drag them to my desktop. Band mate Bennett Theissen walked me through the process late last night using Google Chat. Thanks BT! He also plays my CompuMusik ambient sludge on his Chillroom show on Killradio.

CompuMusik = my current computer music project

Str8 Sounds Sex Destruction = my solo project from 1988 to 1999

Camouflage Danse = me and Bennett NYC art rock band 1983 to 1989

FREE Legal Music mp3s:

(1) CompuMusik "glory glory"

(2) CompuMusik "unsilencing the sounds"

(3) CompuMusik "un doigt de de lait (a drop of milk)"

(4) Str8 Sounds "every job is a curse/mr. pleasure"

(5) Str8 Sounds "audio gloom/why is nature so weird?"

(6) Str8 Sounds "destroy me/i dare you to destroy"

(7) Str8 Sounds "hideous to society/anxiety"

(8) Camouflage Danse "the magic sword"

(9) Camouflage Danse "poodles of hell"

(10) Camouflage Danse "blue tuesday"

(11) Camouflage Danse "a box of tissues"

(12) Caoumouflage Danse "We Wait"

(13) Camouflage Danse "Knickerbocker Boys"

(14) Camouflage Danse "CTI"

Gmail limits me to 10 MB file attachments, but larger files can be sent using YouSendIt and other large file temporary upload services (where you have a brief time period in which to grab them by invite, usually a week).

So, if you ever wondered what Vaspers music might sound like, but were too frightened to request a full album CD of the sludgey mess, I cordially invite you to torture your musical taste buds with this bizarre or pleasantly eccentric material.

Email me your request today, while you're thinking about it. Don't be shy. Take a leap into the unknown.

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com


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