Sunday, December 03, 2006

tomorrow the ecommerce adventure begins

Tomorrow, Monday, December 4, I join a group of web developers in their ecommerce web strategies, including online catalogs.

Looking forward to an explosive combination of whatever marketing communication and usability insight I can somehow manage to bring to the table, and their web technology expertise. We did our stints at the same local direct marketing company that was a pioneer in many database marketing efforts.

I like the philosophies they work within: Object Oriented, Agile, W3C XHTML/CSS accessibility, Linux, Apache, shell scripting, unit test frameworks, code documentation tools, and source code control (CVS, Subversion).

Now we join forces to provide clients with effective, futuristic ecommerce services.

Celebrate my new full-time staff position with me. I'll provide the music: Beat Research FREE mp3s.

My strongest recommendation, besides the Aaron Spectre material, is DJ C "Bouncement" which contains electrifying, upbeat, edifying, happy, urban jungle ragga music. Check out the playlist for songs that are in this DJ mix.

"A merry heart has a continual feast."

Your pal,



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