Sunday, December 17, 2006

Str8 Sounds 2007 techna minima CD

"Techna Minima" (61:32)

(1) circuit sissy [radio version] -- (6:03)
(2) circuit sissy [club mix] -- (5:30)
(3) dance in the snow -- (5:52)
(4) pretty flowers of anarchy -- (6:36)
(5) start a new day -- (7:08)
(6) circuit sissy vs. rooibos botzilla -- (3:02)
(7) transient sensory error -- (6:13)
(8) we live in the sky --(8:39)
(9) the future's last day -- (5:05)
(10) circuit sissy [alien rendition] -- (11:46)

mp3s available (email me & I'll send them 2 U 4 FREE):

"circuit sissy [club mix]"
"circuit sissy [radio version]"
"dance in the snow"
"pretty flowers of anarchy"
"start a new day"
"circuit sissy vs. rooibos botzilla"
"transient sensory error"

by Str8 SoundS 2007

From new CD "Techna Minima"

"[Do I need more chemistry? Do I remind myself of me?]

Circuit sissy see: It's the un-centric me. It's upsetting 3 de-visions of you and free from Decision NT when you went there all alone. You want to be a human stone...Circuit sissy, very primitive.

Circuit sissy, nothing's relative, it's all just take and give, in which we live.

We must be more liberal ... in the rock and roll ... for eternity."

* What is a "circuit sissy"? Someone going round and round, like a circle or a circus, stuck in imitating others, instead of being original, someone who has no independent thought patterns, who only likes what's popular and familiar, with no surprises, and no questioning of society or self. The walking talking dead.

Recorded "live" @ Human-to-Mars Transition Studio
Peoria, IL on Dec. 16, 2006

Steven E. Streight: Casio CA-110 Tone Bank Keyboard


carrie snell said...

"dance in the snow":

all circusy and mesmerizing. fun!


Anonymous said...

Steven Streight,

I propose a CD swap.

Write me at the usual if this is agreeable and we can work out the details.

I hope you are hanging in there and gestating some great ideas for 2007.

Yr Pal,

Steven Brent

steven edward streight said...


Sterling "Chip" Camden said...

Circuit sissy: musical satire. Very catchy.

steven edward streight said...

Just a few songs slapped together at 3:00 AM, no production values, no attempts to sound sophisticated or musiciany, live keyboard playing and live sing-talking, just a joke really, that is still better than has-been re-hab music, I suppose.

steven brent said...

"pretty flowers of anarchy [radio version]":

I really really liked this one -- it reminded me a lot of Raymond Scott's electronic/tape works.

And your vocal delivery is the good kind of deadpan...

I like all the electronicky music you've sent me so far. My ears want more.

Right now I'm trying to figure out a way to record a CD's worth of music in the next year -- difficulty being

I will be starting a new job and will have even less discretionary time than before!

But the music must be born!

Be well.

Yr Pal


steven edward streight said...

Thanks Steven Brent.

I'll give you more detailed reviews of the mp3s of your music that you sent me.

René Vis said...

Hi Steven,

I like your "Circuit Sissy". Thanks for sending it.
Brings back my memories to the days when I did things with my Casio in the early 80's. Really would like to hear the other titles you mentioned.

Take care

steven edward streight said...

I will send those to you Rene. Thanks for posting a comment here.