Saturday, December 23, 2006

photo art variations

"Enjoy free music, listen and use it!" Androvirus: experimental and improvised sound research.

For festivity vpn random vortex channel n.20-DA 17 module 50y3i:

Photo Art Variations by Vaspers the Grate.

(Every image began as a regular digital photograph.)

Canadian Electroacoustic Community free CD mp3s. Some of my favorite music is found here. Great ambient electronic soundscapes and vocal experimentation by students and faculty.

"...and that's something that I can see. I've got a million eyes pointed directly at your vision, at your apparition, at your recent decision to be something that is a weird religion to me." --from "Destroy Me" by Str8 Sounds.

Sewerpillars: plaza. 2 electro-noise albums for free from Sewerpillars, whoever they are, at Internet Archives, a great source for free music downloads and many other things.

[Above]: how do you like me now?

DJ C free legal music mp3s, "Bouncement", "Boston", etc.

Woman playing a pianola, see the little pianobot, sitting there at her right? It's playing the piano, while the lady does something or other to the pianola, I guess. Or maybe the pianola is playing the piano, and the lady makes sure it follows the script and doesn't go off on an improvised tangent very often. Anyway, the pianola is a precursor to today's synthesizers and computer music studios.


Humour and last laugh said...

Merry christmas Steven!

carrie said...

yeah. merry christmas to you and happy holidays.

Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Steve,
Happy holidays.
Thanks for the great insights you always provided me. I have acknowledged this in my today's post.
Btw, my 2007 resolution is a friendly deal to get more comments via a give and take path.
Best wishes.

steven edward streight said...

Happy healthy Holy Days everyone, of whatever faith or unbelief or anywhere in between.

Happy birthday to the Prince of Peace.

Steven Brent said...

Dear Steven:

Thanks for existing. I look forward to expanding our acquaintance in the new year. I've already bought the bicyle pump and everything!

Peace and love to you and your family.


Mohamed Taher said...

Thanks for the nice words you left at my blog.
Wish you lots of luck.
Best, MT