Tuesday, December 19, 2006

graphic link buttons as marketing tools

One very viral online marketing tool you can use for FREE is the graphic link button (aka "sidebar badge") that people can click/select to visit your site. It's a promotion for your site and a link to get there.

You then make a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for your button, so that people can use them in a variety of different backgrounds and contexts. Give people of choice of several different designs, some with text only perhaps, others with various art or photos.

You'll want your graphic link button to be attractive, professional, and memorable. It must be pleasing for people to look at, and to add to their sites, as a favor, or as a paid ad.

You may want to use a professional graphic designer to come up with your button. Make this a top priority, dedicate the best talent and sufficient time to get it done right, for you can use the button in a variety of online promotional situations.

Consider asking other people which designs and color combinations they like best. Get a lot of honest feedback, and keep the designs and colors that people praise the most. But don't throw the others away, keep them for future reference.

Companies should use their logo as the identifier image, with the possible addition of "click here" if the audience or market is technically unsophisticated.

Personal bloggers can use a photo, or create a special image, that will act as an ad or visual signature, differentiating your blog from others, a branding tool, the insignia you wish to burn into the public memory.

A photo of you, with your name or the title of your blog.

It's no secret that the secret to blogging success is to meet audience needs with relevant content, interactive functionality, communicative generosity, and human personality.

One of the ways to add human personality to a blog is with photos of the blogger, and the same is true of your graphic link button. A face on that button could help others feel comfortable checking out your blog.

We like to see who it is we're communicating and collaborating with.

The graphic link button: an overlooked marketing tool that anyone can use to add sophisticated flair to the display of links to your site.

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