Saturday, December 02, 2006

CompuMusik billions of venus CD

My eagerly unanticipated, critically ignored, freely distributed:

electronic computer music noise concerto disco trip-hop songs for December 2006.

Made with live playing of DJ Flack's interactive [i.e. playable] online beat machines, plus SourceForge Audacity audio editor music studio. I was listening to Keith Jarrett, Luna, Van Der Graaf Generator, Tom Rush, State Bird, The Winston Jazz Routine, and Every Gentle Air in between the making of the tracks of this premium noise channel album.

More useless dance hits of ambient sludge for interplanetary infotainment.

CompuMusik "billions of venus" (78:38)

(1) macroscoping v. 2 (13:21)

(2) big bouncey sun corrosion (10:39)

(3) big banged into being (14:54)

(4) downlink data sweep (11:49)

(5) fluid hardware sea (12:13)

(6) martians are (7:25)

(7) hippie factory (w/STR8 SOUNDS tape) (8:15)

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