Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chelsea Hotel art door genocide

Why take a tripped out cool painted door in an avant garde venue, the Chelsea Hotel in New York, and deaden it, entirely cover it with black paint? It's not the color of the paint -- it's the reverse steganography that bothers me.

To take a non-encrypted message, and strip it of its visibility, eternally eliminating its communication of color, symbol, and design?

The art of the doors, you cancel it, kill it, remove it from all reality, you wipe it out, muddy it up, blot it out: gone! forever! no resurrection possible!

And, to add injury to insult, no photos of the doors were taken, too late to preserve it.

A whole race of art is perishing, being exterminated, final solutioned.

Is it no wonder that Art shuts its doors on us for good?

Black Door Christmas

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