Saturday, December 30, 2006

blogs are revolutionary, rare

Blogs aren't normal, they escape from history, flying high above worthless illusions like tradition and unsubscription.

I gaze in wonder at the unmirrored retro-flection: how to show you all that all Blogs are rare and tall?

How seldom seen!

We can walk and wade, form isles and miles, in water and shade, and still not see one.

Up there, on the heaven side, the computer screen of light and wide. There! Did you glimpse it in its glory as it told, heavily, unevenhandedly, its so-called story? The Blog. That's a capital B. Nothing little about it.

For the first time in human history and forgotten mystery, the individual is universal. That's what the Blog is: the universal discovered in the individual, the morsel that contains the meal, the original "no big deal" whose fate's unsealed.

Never before has humanity had the opportunity to rise up in separate psychological atomicity, the kernel becomes the shell and what's outside the shell, the silent majority leaping forward as the smart-mouthed neo-authority!

From the nothingness of each personality, each unstable, mercurial "self"--comes the All, the Everyone, the Voice of the Individual--against the brainwashing of Morbid Stream Media, the morose and gross deception of institutions and broadcast news. The insignificant single soul vs. the domineering irrelevant whole.

Our dreams are sprinkled with equality dust, see it shimmering in the delight?

You must not give up, Blogging one. Your Blog, your indivisible voice, means more than the entire world.

Here's my Christmas Gift and New's Years Cheer for ALL my readers.

This young modern composer has nailed up a mix that will please everyone, I promise with all my hundred hearts.

FREE "M: 1000 Year Mix" by Ergo Phizmiz.

In 6 parts, each part being about 28 minutes long, burn two per CD, a 3 CD set. Phenomenal sound collage musique concrete loops with wet beats. Dream music for sleepwalkers who find their car keys. You'll be hooked after hearing the first part, entitled "009". A true and massive deconstruction of musical styles and epochs, a mishy mashy rambunction of various flavors and eras.

Other Listenings include...

FAUST: "Faust" (1971)/"So Far" (1972) | CABARET VOLTAIRE: "Technology: Western Re-works 1992" | LUNA: "Live" (1999) | VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: "Pawn Hearts" (1971) | HATFIELD & THE NORTH (1973) | GONG "the history & the mystery" (1964-1988, comp. 2000)

And reading, already as always, my dear departed mystic-analyst-mentor of Philosophemic Mind Science:

JACQUES DERRIDA ( from Writing and Difference, University of Chicago Press, 1978):

"Form fascinates when one no longer has the force to understand force from within itself." (Force and Signification)

"If writing is inaugural, it is not so because it creates, but because of a certain absolute freedom of speech, because of the freedom to bring forth the already-there as a sign of the freedom to augur." (Force and Signification)

This graphic link button goes to my online art gallery in France. I need to upload some new artwork, since I have not done so in over a year I think. I also need to delete some works I no longer like. But here it is...
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carrie said...

:-) haply knew ear

steven edward streight said...

Happy Healthy Heavenly New Year 2007 to you too Carrie.

Andrew Jecklin said...

excellant. very poetic and inspired!!

steven edward streight said...

Thank you Andrew. I hope you participate in my next project, to be posted here tonight.

Mohamed Taher said...

True. But a possibility is indicating another perspective.
Blogs are in the evolutionary process. Many business and few government are getting involved in the blogging spree (either to use or avoid its use). See, my previous post on how the growing interest in capturing and archiving Blog: Vanity Presses or Archives of Human Thought and Blog archives: Web 2.0 tools as sources for social history