Sunday, December 03, 2006

bloggers who vanish forever

I have experienced the mysterious loss of blogger buddies. They just stop blogging, don't answer emails, and seem to fallen off the edge or face of the earth. What can we do as bloggers, when our bloggy friends disappear? Call the police?

Liz Strauss, one of the most thoughtful and most successful community-building bloggers I know of, brought up the question in "Bloggy Question 32 Blogger Alert: where is she? what should you do?", and it struck a chord with me (see my recent post on Decent Marketing blog abandoned and full of spam).


Humour and last laugh said...

Yes Steven, some of the bloggers I talked with I miss very much. They simply abandoned their blogs and never replied the emails too.
While there are others, who left with a remorseful signing off, accusing their readers of various things. As if it was for your fault that they stopped blogging. What could be the matter?
I wish I will always be able to talk to the people I am in contact with through blogging, and if possible find a few new friends too. Agreeing with everybody on every issue would be impossible. But we can always talk.

steven edward streight said...

Humour: Yes, I'm glad you added such great content to my little blog, with that comment about "a remorseful signing off, accusing their readers of various things".

I know one blogger who abandoned their blog, but left it floating in the blogosphere, then a few months later, returned to blogging at that blog again, but after a few weeks, quit again.

They left an angry note as the last and hopefully final post: "Go ahead and laugh at me, you losers." and other hateful things about being a vampire and cursing them at night or some occult bullshit.

Humour and last laugh said...

But their signing off was humourous.