Wednesday, December 20, 2006

blogger beta sucks but Tokyoflash rocks

all my blogs are gone. Eleeno Watch, Pimp Watch, Binary Watch, and Mr. Spock Alien Trekkor Biohazard Watch from Tokyoflash.


had to hack my way into the admin panel. go up to the "www2" and delete the "2" to enter the old blogger home page for my dashboard.


all my blogs, except Eye Sword and Volent Video, have perished, according to the new Blogger Beta dashboard. My many real blogs have seemingly all been roughly and rudely relegated, demoted to figments of a rumored trace called history, a vague unarchivable meme-registry, a pointless pathless retro-memory, a true nothingness that is non-existing in the uncertain middle of the shadow of nowhere, which is itself unhappening at the amorphic vortex of blurred forgetfulness, vanishing rapidly in the past tense and unsunlit loopings of transparencies shimmering facially in the disappearing emptiness void-hole.



steven brent said...

Sorry about the blog-loss. Maybe it was nature's way of saying you were overblogging?

I enjoyed your prog-rock musings; though the genre has never grabbed me in a big way, Kevin Ayers' album Joy of a Toy is one of my favorites!

We got a new bread machine yesterday and I just finished baking my first loaf with it. That would be a pretty good band name: "My First Loaf" .

I hope you are doing well. keep in touch!

Yr Pal,


steven edward streight said...

I'm listening to Karlheinz Stockhausen "Mantra", Future Sound of London "Dead Cities", Luna, Sewerpillars "plaza", Lezet ".", Cabaret Voltaire "Technology: Western Re-works 1992", DJ C "Bouncement", Hatfield & the North, Van Der Graaf Generator "Pawn Hearts", Iron Butterfly "Ball", Arvo Part "Collage", Kenny Graham "Moondog Suite/Suncat Suite" (1959), and assorted Sun Ra from bennett's Chillroom show on KillRadio dot org.