Saturday, November 11, 2006

Vaspers attacks Word of Mouth Marketing Association

Here is my comment on the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines page.

You and all paid enthusiast blog whores are destroying the credibility and trust value of users advising users in the blogosphere.

Paid "outreach", or compensated "communication" is unethical, fraudulent, and marketing suicide, even when such crass commercial practices are transparent and sincere.

In many cases, this blog whoring consists of concerted attacks against companies. In other cases, it consists of orchestrated promotions for companies.

Either way, it's artificial buzz agenting.

I shall attack, ridicule, and boycott all bloggers and companies who engage or promote such practices, or encourage others to do so.

The blogosphere does not want your types polluting our peer to peer consulting and our championing of products and companies we love and promote voluntarily, without any hidden or overt agenda.

We bloggers only wish to hear from actual users who praise or criticize products, based on real experiences with those products, and consisting of spontaneous, unrehearsed, uncoached, uncompensated comments posted in blogs and other forums.

I and many of my blog allies are dedicated to stop you and PayPerPost and all other forms of this activity. We will use every legal, ethical combative means at our disposal to accomplish our mission.

We are moving swiftly and aggressively against you, the bloggers you employ, and the companies hiring your services. Our forces have been mobilized. And we're doing it to save the blogosphere, not for any compensation or favors.


Andy Sernovitz said...

There seems to be a misunderstanding.

We are on the same side.

We also oppose paid outreach, compensated communications, and other methods that corrupt the blogosphere. We started fighting against it in 2004, and we are fighting hard.

Take another look at our ethics codes and understand what we stand for.

We agree with you, threats are unnecessary.

Andy Sernovitz

Anonymous said...

gtfo my internets

steven edward streight said...

Andy: I will apologize, and will do a post correcting my misinterpretation and championing your organization, if I come to a different conclusion after re-inspecting your site.

I took the phrases "outreach" and "compensated communication" from your site, where I thought you were advocating such things.

If I go look again at your site and come to the same conclusion, lumping you guys in with PayPerPost and similar, my wrath will be intensified.

I don't mean to issue threats really, just heads up relative to concerted combative measures.

steven edward streight said...

Anon: WTF are you referring to? me or them?

steven edward streight said...

Andy: I have re-examined your WOMMA, page by page, and have come to an even worse conclusion.

I am now launching a Word of Blog campaign against WOMMA and all the sponsors/member companies.

Have a nice day.