Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ted Haggard mess gets worse every day

Ted Haggard and his deceptive practices, bashing gays while being gay, taking crystal meth, and encouraging church members to worship him, this keeps getting worse every day.

Gigantic posters of Ted Haggard were all over his New Life church, according to a Denver Post reporter. This is the proven cult technique: "Jesus is The Way to heaven, but I [insert pastor name] am The Way to Jesus". Like without the pastor, we can't get to Jesus. This is the subtle subtext message, and blatant image message.

I personally have no opinion on homosexuality. I am neither for it, nor against it. But these evangelical jerkbags are condemning homosexuality, and bashing gay marriage, then turn right around and, at least one of them (Haggard, but probably many other leaders) IS gay!

"Haggard firing, gay question separate"


"There is such damage that can be done through this kind of disclosure to the cause of Christ," Dobson said. "The media is just salivating out there, it seems, over yet another example of what they see as hypocrisy."

[VASPERS: Dobson you dumb fuck. "...what they SEE AS hypocrisy"? No, Dobson. It IS hypocrisy. What a stupid religious leader this James Dobson is. His Focus on the Family ministry is a pile of manure, I can smell it from here.]

Part of Haggard's "restoration process" will involve consulting with a clinical psychologist and others in an attempt to determine whether he is gay, Ware said.

[VASPERS: What? To determine whether Ted is gay? He IS gay, you dumb church assholes. He admits to a homosexual relationship lasting several years. He admits that the gay prostitute massage was an act of sexual immorality. What more do you morons need to know?]

That could involve a polygraph and an examination of his computer hard drive, board chairman the Rev. Larry Stockstill of Louisiana told reporters Sunday.

[VASPERS: Yes, yes, yes. Subpoena the hard drive. I told them to do this in one of my comments on the Denver Post blog. Maybe they listened to Vaspers? Fat chance. But I bet they do read the comments I and others are posting over there.]

Haggard, 50, told the four- member board of overseers last week that he does not consider himself gay, nor does he think he engaged in homosexual behavior, Stockstill said.

But Haggard did admit that his contact with gay prostitute Michael Forest Jones of Denver amounted to "sexual immorality," Ware said. The investigative board found Haggard's admission that he had solicited a massage from Jones was grounds enough to remove him as New Life Church pastor.

[VASPERS: A massage equals sexual immorality? Since when? These church leaders are all mentally ill, uneducated idiots, unworthy of being followed.]

At the same time, Stockstill emphasized Haggard is "not in touch with truth and reality," making it hard to reach conclusions based on Haggard's words alone.

[VASPERS: I think Ted is not the only church leader who is "not in touch with truth and reality."]

Dobson said on air Monday that Haggard "has now admitted to having a homosexual relationship that goes back for several years."

[VASPERS: Huh? Ted says he doesn't think he is gay--but he admits to having a long-term homosexual relationship? Sounds like a mind badly messed up on drugs.]

A Focus on the Family spokesman said that was Dobson's interpretation after reading Haggard's letter of apology and wasn't based on any private conversations with Haggard.

Dobson said of Haggard: "He is my brother. He's my friend. ... He will always be my friend. But because homosexual indiscretions have occurred, they must be dealt with, and they will be."

[VASPERS: Yesterday, Dobson, or Dumbson, said he would help rehabilitate Ted. Today, Dobson says he doesn't "have time" to undertake such an arduous and time-consuming process. Huh? How long does it take to help some dude determine if he is gay, and if he should continue pretending to be straight?]

In explaining the decision to dismiss Haggard, Ware said the oversight board considered the biblical teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman.

"When there is a relationship outside marriage - regardless of who it is with - it is immoral. It didn't matter to us if it was a male or a female, if it were bestiality. It would have been immoral."

[VASPERS: Now I want everyone to pay close attention to that statement: "It doesn't matter to us if it were...bestiality." It doesn't matter? I think it should matter a great deal to the church members if their pastor is having sex with animals. What a stupid shitty thing for Michael Ware to say.]



Rick and Gary said...

I'm guessing that there's a lot more to "come out" and that's why Dobson suddenly dropped out of the Haggard reprogramming.

steven edward streight said...

Yes! That must surely be it. Plus the fact that Dobson is probably a swisher sweet too!

(No offense meant, just being comical.)