Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ted Haggard cult leader

As a web analyst, I sometimes find myself analyzing other, non-web items. Like the New Life Church of Adolph, er, Ted Haggard.

Wake up people, you brainless lemmings diving off the ideological cliffs. Don't you know how to spot a religious fraud, an evil, dangerous cult leader?

Here's the proof that Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals, was actually a egomaniac cult leader, like Jim Jones, Gurdjieff, Hitler, and Charles Manson.

Notice how a church member glosses over Haggard's lying, hypocrisy, immorality, and leadership betrayal by comparing him to Job. Job was not a liar, hypocrite, drug addict, pervert, or bad leader. There is no comparison.

Compare Ted Haggard, not to Job, but to Judas Iscariot.

I pull the undeniable evidence of enforced hero worship, the New Life Church idolatry, from the Denver Post. Notice how a picture of Haggard shows him taking the place of Jesus, guiding the brainwashed flock, posing as some pure leader worthy of trust and obedience.

"Sorrowful Followers Meet Test of Faith"


Haggard's giant picture hovers over the water fountains in the lobby. His presence, if not his face or name, is seemingly everywhere on this scenic campus, which faces Pikes Peak and the blue-green foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Pastor Ted, as everyone calls him, is their rock star, and certainly their rock.

"We need Pastor Ted," said Tiffany Adams, a teenager who came to the church Saturday.

Saturday was a day for reflection and speculation, as the possibility that Haggard had paid for gay sex and used methamphetamine hung over the mega-church, which boasts 14,000 members.

"This is the worst possible situation," Adams said.

[snip -- text deleted]

Several church members said Haggard's sudden fall only humanizes the pastor who had grown larger than life. He now clearly understands struggles with addictions and inexplicable sin.

"As a man of God, he has things in his life like everyone else," said Bob Mayhew, 41. "It makes him more like me."

At dusk, word began to spread that Haggard had been fired, an independent board determining that he committed "sexually immoral conduct."


"Wild Bill" Hart leaned on a crutch and said he had read all about Haggard's fall in the newspaper, and it brought him no comfort to see the powerful fall.

"He's just like Job in the Bible," Hart said, digging in his backpack for his own Bible, given to him by a New Life volunteer years ago. "The Lord is testing him. Everybody does things they're ashamed of....


Outside the administrative offices, where Larson spoke, a giant black and white picture of Haggard hung over Larson's shoulder.

The pastor, dressed in jeans, speaks to a small group, his left hand stretched toward an invisible horizon in a pose befitting Jesus guiding his flock.


Lesson of the Ted Haggard scandal:

Don't trust your leaders. Question authority. Drug test your spiritual guides. Tax the churches and forbid political sermons.

Focus on the Inner Light, Holy Spirit, Higher Self. Flee from traditions and institutions. Be a lone wolf advocate of truth and ethics.

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