Wednesday, November 29, 2006

spam message madness exposed

How spam smart R U? Take this test. Which spam messages presented in sickening detail below would you have fallen for, based on the truncated Subject lines?

(1) "Warning: If you would like to make big money doing..."

(2) "WOW This is FANTASTIC...!!! Blog your AD to millions..."

(3) "Got a couple of ideas based on what I saw on your blog. Digital satellite TV pain meds for erectile misogyny dysjunction droopiness..."

(4) "Eerst Europa Doelstellingen: De Ci2i Versekering..."

(5) "Hello Steve I am looking for a mind map or visual ma..."

(6) "Rene Keiser signed up, and here's what happened..."

(7) "Hi all. Take a look. A lot of fantastish beautiful..."

(8) "I am conducting some research on various safelist..."

(9) "Interesting. I learn something every time I visit your well-designed blog. Thanks for providing this valuable information. Next time, I'll read the entire article. Do you suffer from projectile hen-whipped syndrome disease? Your manhood will not refuse to lustre..."

(10) "If you like movies, like we do, be sure to check out our new site Outlandish Peerings and Hearings, on the DynaMate Network of Forlorn Lovetorns..."

(11) "Pirate Leroy says MAKE a virtual animator man chow..."

(12) "Sudden instruction gives everyone a wicked sand torch respect sword..."

(13) "Show her you are more man than that other dude she been doing..."

(14) "Hello casey hay young kat bobbi eden guage samantha mask spray heckle..."

(25) "Rich men reveal secrets of internet fortunes, with no risk for qualified dream applicants switch harness buoys in..."

(26) "Halo 12 Ultra Gore weapons on SALE for a party favored lamplight Vitamin See thrill..."

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