Thursday, November 23, 2006

some favorite bloggers: PART ONE

I'm going through my blogroll and finding smart posts by my favorite bloggers. This is my way of saying "thanks" to them, and of turning you on to some incredible minds and astonishing personalities. Of course, most of them are as combative as I am, but with more diplomacy and other niceties I cannot quite manage.

This is just PART ONE. I will be doing more posts like this in the coming days.

(1) Jennifer Rice, What's My Brand Mantra blog: "Trying to be cool"
Why companies who try to be hip...just look stupid and opportunistic.

(2) Shel Israel, Naked Conversations blog: "Bloggers and wise old asses"
Why "A Lists" and traffic mean nothing. Blog your passion and be oblivious to results!

(3) Fortune Business Innovation Insider blog: "Managing an orchestra can make you a better innovator"
How a conductor has a vision of a composition, and has to inspire his musicians to follow it.

(4)John Battelle, Search Blog: "Er...Not to Split Hairs...But"
The continuing saga of idiot companies suing YouTube/Google for their f-ing "copyrighted material". Talk about marketing suicide! When kids upload the "copyrighted material" to YouTube, it is free promotion. They are just too old, outmoded, and greedy to understand this Share Economy reality.

(5) Seth Godin "That Was Quick"
Seth points out how CBS is happy to have a quote from YouTube, how ironic!

(6) Jim Estill, CEO Blog - Time Leadership
The whole blog is fantastic. Notice how Jim rarely "promotes" his company, and how he simply blogs about books he likes, lessons he's learning, strategies he's implemented, eating habits, other marketing bloggers, etc. This is one of the best personal/CEO blogs out there. Humble. Clear. Wise. Read it and learn. I sure do.


Jim Estill said...

Thanks so much for the mention. I am doing my "good blogger" job and just checking out other bloggers blogs.

steven edward streight said...

Of course you know I never was hinting around that you post comments at my blog. That would be absurd and pathetic.

But thanks for the comment. And I obeyed your advice about killing the word verification.

I almost never get any blog karma: I give out a lot of advice, but rarely receive much. I get a lot of encouragement and inspiration, but not many direct suggestions.

So thanks for the blogology tip to a blogologist, Jim.

Not sure about my light goldenrod background color, still tinkering around with it.