Tuesday, November 14, 2006

site size and download speed metrics tool

On the web developer discussion list, Evolt!, there was a question about how to speed up the download time of a web page. The guys started talking about the total size of a page in bytes, and I was curious.

[EDIT UPDATE: here's an AJAX empowered tool recently added to the discussion:}


"How can I determine how big my blog is, in terms of total bytes, and its download speed on various connections?" I asked.

Web Page Analyzer -- from Website Optimization. "Free website performance tool and web page speed analysis."

The report generated included a complete listing of all my images, scripts, CSS and HTML files, but I will quote only the Global Statistics and Download Times.

I just deleted a bunch of vainglorious photos of myself and other tiresome doodads and thingamajigs, but still, the news is rather glum, I think. I have a broadband connection, so it only takes about 3 seconds for my entire home page to download for me. The sidebar downloads more slowly than the posts, which is okay. But for others on slower connections...?

I got 8 Warnings, 3 Cautions, and only one Congratulations (Total HTML files:3). Hope you do better. You probably will.


Web Page Speed Report

URL: http://www.vaspersthegrate.blogspot.com

Title: Vaspers the Grate

Date: Report run on Tue Nov 14 01:34:25CST2006


Global Statistics

Total HTTP Requests: 116
Total Size: 563193 bytes
Object Size Totals
Object type Size (bytes)
HTML: 33210
HTML Images: 386178
CSS Images: 594
Total Images: 386772
Javascript: 45013
CSS: 5520
Multimedia: 92678
Other: 0
External Objects
External Object QTY
Total HTML: 3
Total HTML Images: 86
Total CSS Images: 6
Total Images: 92
Total Scripts: 12
Total CSS imports: 4
Total Frames: 0
Total Iframes: 2

Download Times*

Connection Rate / Download Time

14.4K / 437.30 seconds
28.8K / 219.05 seconds
33.6K / 187.87 seconds
56K / 113.04 seconds
ISDN 128K / 35.17 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps / 3.78 seconds

*Note that these download times are based on the full connection rate for ISDN and T1 connections. Modem connections (56Kbps or less) are corrected by a packet loss factor of 0.7. All download times include delays due to round-trip latency with an average of 0.2 seconds per object. With 116 total objects for this page, that computes to a total lag time due to latency of 23.2 seconds. Note also that this download time calculation does not take into account delays due to XHTML parsing and rendering.


1 comment:

G. Randy Primm said...

this download speed is a problem.

i've downloaded my blog at various venues checking page rendition, frames, screen space, etc., and seen download times ranging from 4 or 5 seconds to 30+, even with broadband.

imagine what we will all suffer when net neutrality becomes the net tollway?