Monday, November 20, 2006

Share Economy is the only way to succeed

The new way is Share Economy. The old way is Price Tags on Everything.

Why do I say you must give away tons of FREE stuff, if you want your business to prosper and grow? Does this sound self-defeating to you? Are you reluctant to jump into the revolutionary and wildly spreading Share Economy?

Here's why you have no choice.

You must start sharing freely, abundantly, and cheerfully. It's the only way to go from Unknown to Known. It's the only way to move from Desired to Demanded. Especially if you have an old business that seems passe, or a new business that is lost in the mix of millions of other companies.

Let's concentrate on the new business, new music band, new artist, new consultant.

Here's why FREE is the only way to generate SALES: you have way too many competitors offering the same basic things. Oh sure, you think you're "special", an "exception", an "anomaly". YOU...ARE...NOT...UNIQUE.

Okay. I know this goes against all your sensitivity training and New Age humanistic beliefs. But, while you certainly are unique and special to God or The Universe, you are not all that much different from other bands, companies, artists, authors, whatever, who are in your niche, industry, or field.

Your product is not a snowflake, different from all other snowflakes. Unless you have some secret element that baffles all the experts, your product will soon be adrift in an ocean of competing "me too" products. Every time a new product appears, and becomes successful, droves of competing products arise. No product leader remains on top of the heap without constant improvement and clever promotions.

You are very similar to your competitors, but you can defeat this competition by cleverly, creatively surpassing them in how you present yourself, how stubbornly you persist, and how you give tons of FREE stuff to potential customers.

I always use music as the best example. There's just way too much of it. And most of it is good, really good. Not just major labels, but all the indies and net labels and private releases. The technology of high quality music composition and recording has made it possible for the most obscure homeless musician in Siberia to be played in my home in Peoria, Illinois and my outpost in Bentley Subglacial Trench, Antarctica (metaphysically).

You have to give people large doses of your product, if you want to spread the benevolent "contagion". Nothing goes viral so fast as FREE. Nothing is easier to promote and distribute than FREE.

Of those people who get your FREE stuff, many of them will become your FREE sales staff. Many of them will push your products, expertise, samples, into places you never dreamed of.

The Share Economy is the only way to succeed in any business today.

You have no choice in the matter.


Newsandseduction said...

about the money you make, the government does not allow to share the extra, but takes away the additional, and more as well, to share it.

steven edward streight said...

I don't think I ever said "share your money", but you could share money with the less fortunate.

Just never donate to any charity organization, they are all crooks and robbers, and den of thieves.

To share money, go to any random poor neighbor or homeless person. Don't worry about what they do with it. If they buy drugs or alcohol, so what? That's their karma. Your energy field remains pure by your holy act.

If you have no surplus money to share, share love, insight, expertise, skills, labor: random acts of senseless kindness.

If the government, which is a myth, takes away your money and shares it with unworthy groups and lobbyist influenced expenses, the solution is simple.

Overthrow your government through peaceful non-cooperation, protests, etc.

Government is just a bunch of assholes sitting in offices. That's all any government is. All governments are doomed.

Ethical Spiritualized Anarchy shall prevail.