Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Share Economy Communicators

As the Share Economy Communicators move forward, the greed modulators and exploitation machines dissolve in red syncoptic dissolution.

Encouraging musicians to post FREE music mp3s on their band sites. Inspiring consultants to engage in public harangues, telecommunication tirades, and spirited symposiums on vital issues and key processes. Helping the old, outmoded POE (Pricetags On Everything) economy in declivity and declension.

Sycophant of the unspectaculor, just a day or two away from the edge of no universe.


Sterling "Chip" Camden said...

Unfortunately, it seems that the "greed modulators and exploitation machines" now smell blood in the Google juice.

steven edward streight said...

Voice juice is spilling in all venues and news and snooze noose confabulations.

steven edward streight said...

Spam commments and silly Word of Compensated and Scripted Mouth, the fake friendly messages from Paid Enthusiast buzz agent exaggerationists, thank Big Bang, are easily spotted and rejected from comments and forums: they spell badly, reason irrationally, fail syntactically, stumble semiotically, and bore intellectually.