Wednesday, November 29, 2006

psycho blog violence war

from: compu-telepath 112_U~4n+*1
to: earth-install vpn 55_8Ag-T

This is your elusive exclusive Psycho Blog Violence War report for Wednesday, November 29 Tuesday, November 28, 2_NothingZero_6.

On the fringe of the uppermost deck of the Blog Ambience Front, the Decon Philosophemes have suffered staggering defeats, structural devastation, and massive casualties. They cannot hold together much longer, in the face of highly organized droves of droning cloned buzz agents. Word of Scripted and Compensated Mouth has pretty much wiped out the feared and hated Trust Web Confidante System of the early blogosphere.

Grasping at a forgotten and ill-represented esoteric deconstructive analytic device, one of them, a pseudo-mysterious and spuriously inconsequential Vaspers the Grate, aka 2nd Trimester A to Z, aka Pink Freud Apocalypse, abruptly hit like lightning the main headquarters of the masterful Impudent Mediocrity forces, striking a crippling blow from which they will not soon recover, if recent assessments of contaminated leadership, rapidly declining fighting spirit, and mercenary disorder in the rank and file are reliable barometers of their jejune resignation and organized despair.

Botkiller Militia has gained impressive losses in futile conflict with heavily armed foes in the Automated Blog Comment theatre of carnage and sorrow. Spontaneity Insurgents have not been seen anywhere for several hours at last RSS update. Members of Nonparticipatory Passives were recently seen in droll dress, dripping with mental gloom, as dismalities of every size and shape, now ascending, now descending, enclouded their fractured faces, that were frozen in a cartoonish and overly emotional rendering of relentless dread and woe.

The peaceful Bookish Pacifists were celebrating the prophesied dying out of the warrior breed in a cleverly antiquated but solemn and premature burial ritual consisting of lots of funny smelling substances imported from Africa, the Andes, and Australia.

A blogger comes up to you with a word of advice, and now, we have to worry about how much he MIGHT HAVE BEEN paid to say that.

Especially: if he mentions, or Golf forbid!...praises or presses heavily on a holy anointed Product or sacred unfathomable Company.

You ask a question about a specific brand, in a comment at some blog or forum or discussion list, and right off the bat, it's called spam with indirect commercial intent subterfuge.

Now what do you do? Explain you're not interested in their sex-stained and bloodthirsty money?

Describe how all your electronics equipment is half torn up hybrids you've hypnotized into some semblance of vague and sporadic obedience a, a fragile and flimsy dysfunctionality? How you spit on cash and bury coins?

How the Psycho Blog Violence War means more to you than life and death themselves?

We must not lose the core values of blogging just because stay at home mommy bloggers chant on YouTube the hideous praises of Paid Enthusiast blog fortunes, with cute kids dancing around hungrily in a dumpy trailer hitched to Sleepy Briarpatch USA.

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